Brake Valve – 1481008720

Buy Brake Valve - 1481008720

Part Number : 1481008720

Model :  ISUZU CXZ81

Engine :  10PE1, 6WF1 

Area: Singapore

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A brake valve is a device used to control the flow of fluid in a hydraulic or pneumatic system. It is typically used to regulate the pressure of fluid in a system, or to control the rate of flow. The 1481008720 is a type of brake valve that is commonly used in automotive applications. It is designed to allow for the controlled release of fluid from a hydraulic or pneumatic system. This valve is often used in conjunction with a master cylinder, and can be used to control the braking system of a vehicle. The 1481008720 brake valve is a reliable and durable option for controlling the fluid flow in a hydraulic or pneumatic system.