Expansion Tank Radiator – 8980957012

Buy Expansion Tank Radiator - 8980957012

Part Number : 8980957012

Model :  ISUZU Dmax 2012

Engine :  4JJ1 / 4JK1



If your radiator is leaking, it may be time to replace your expansion tank. The expansion tank is located between the radiator and the engine, and it helps to maintain the correct amount of coolant in the system. A leaking expansion tank can cause the coolant level to drop, which can lead to overheating and engine damage. This Dmax 2012 Expansion Tank Radiator is an OEM replacement part, and it’s easy to install. Simply remove the old expansion tank and radiator cap, and then install this new one in its place. Be sure to check the coolant level before you start the engine, and add more if necessary.