Mirror Sub Assy Out-Side RR – 87902-1440

Buy Mirror Sub Assy Out-Side RR - 87902-1440

Part Number : 87902-1440

Brand :  GENUINE

Model :  HINO 500 FG1

Engine :  J08C


The 87902-1440 mirror sub assy is responsible for the reflection of light in the rearview mirror. It is a vital component in ensuring that the driver has a clear view of what is behind them. The mirror sub assy is made up of a housing, glass, and support brackets. The housing protects the glass and contains the brackets that secure the mirror to the vehicle. The glass is made of a special reflective material that allows light to bounce off of it and into the driver’s eyes. Without this critical piece, the driver would not be able to see what is behind them and could potentially get into an accident.